Without a question, email marketing provides a large return on investment. But only if you do it correctly and with better tools. You’ve discovered your sweet spots after conducting study. But you’re now torn between Constant Contact and Convertkit.

Which one should you choose? The final comparison of both of these email marketing service companies will assist you in making your decision. You’ll learn the distinctions between Convertkit and Constant Contact, as well as the price and functionality.

Are you prepared for the ultimate clash between the two? Let’s get this party started right now.

Are you prepared for the ultimate clash between the two? Let’s get this party started right now.

Constant Contact vs. Convertkit: What Are the Key Differences?

First and foremost. I feel the differences between Convertkit and Constant Contact should be obvious from the outset of this comparison. Let’s get to work!

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In general, ConvertKit is more costly than Constant Contact.

Constant Contact has greater email delivery rates than ConvertKit.

Constant Contact, unlike ConvertKit, does not provide pre-built landing page designs.

ConvertKit does not offer Live Chat assistance, but Constant Contact does.

ConvertKit has more email automation tools than Constant Contact.

ConvertKit is aimed at bloggers, whereas Constant Contact is aimed at small company owners.

So, if you want me to stop the nonsense and tell you my option right away, I’ll go with Convertkit. Why? It provides sophisticated email automation, attractive templates, and an easy-to-use user interface. And it’s aimed at digital marketers like me rather than ConstantContact.

However, Constant Contact is not inferior than Convertkit. Without a doubt, the former has several advantages. It’s just an issue of personal preference and objectives. Still perplexed? Don’t worry; I’ll go over each of these email marketing options individually today.

Should You Use Constant Contact?

In comparison to Convertkit, ConstantContact provides a broader selection of marketing apps and solutions. These technologies can help SMEs and charitable organisations get new clients and strengthen connections.

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Constant Contact can assist you.

In just a few minutes, you can launch your email marketing campaign.

  • Engage with your consumers when they are on the go.
  • Add items to your online store.
  • Get the word out about you.
  • Create a great website in no time.
  • Increase your sales with Google Ads.

And a great deal more. This is also not a single stop for your eCommerce and marketing needs. The e-commerce solution is also a one-stop. Compared to Convertkit, Constant Contact is significantly larger, offering just email marketing solutions. Let’s look now at its characteristics.

 Features of constant contact

Let’s talk in detail about the Constant Contact features so you have a clear idea.

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Email Marketing

You may develop e-mail advertising campaigns like a pro with constant contact. The Email Editor is clever enough for your emails to be adapted and designed. The tools also react to nearly all devices around the world.

Tools for eCommerce

Continuous Contact helps you find and maintain new clients. You can effortlessly monitor, segment and automate emails.

Marketing of social media

Continual contact is for your audience to be in constant contact. The programme therefore supports you in the marketing of social media and email. The programme lets you submit your social posts and schedule them. It also helps you decide on analytics.

Tools for Tracking

Continuous contact enables you to monitor your outcomes in real time. And you can make them better as well. What does that mean? What do I mean? Well, you can observe who opens and shares your email.

Tools for Event Management

Features such as event management features on other email marketing systems are not accessible. However, Constant Contact allows you to take advantage of emails marketing, charitable events, entertainment and more. The Eventspot feature offers several things to organise your events without having to worry.

Constant Contact Price


You may get started for totally free when it comes to price for Constant Contact. The trial is 60 days long. And you may witness its strength yourself more than enough. You have to select the ‘Email’ and the ‘Email Plus’ options.

You cost $20 a month in ‘e-mail,’ and that varies with the amount of contacts. But you may naturally send as many e-mails as you like and profit from additional advantages. The Email Plus begins at $45 a month and escalates depending on your e-mail list.

Let’s now examine at what price Convertkit provides!

Convertkit: Do you have to go?

Without a doubt, Convertkit is a bit easier than Constant Contact. It provides bloggers with a smooth approach to automate their e-mail campaigns. Convertkit is available for Bloggers, YouTuber, Podcasters and digital marketers:

  • Reasonable prices
  • Integrated opt-in forms with dual opt-in support
  • Friendly tools to collect content through e-mail
  • Email Builder Seamless
  • Amazing Editor of Landing Page


Convertkit offers everything under one roof from the landing page editor to paid newsletters providing. If you conduct highly-focused campaigns and offer digital items, I think you should be using Convertkit. But if you don’t have large funds, don’t go for it.

Features of Convertkit


Let’s learn all Convertkit’s key features. And then you may choose your top selection. Convertkit offers user-friendly characteristics in general. However, occasionally you have to tinker with HTML.

Selling Digital Services

Convertkit assists you with the smooth sale of digital items or services. You may use it in depth to analyse what’s working and what isn’t. The tool may also be used to create your email list using lead magnets.

Convertkit enables you also offer digital goods and services. Convertkit.

But wait, more. But wait. With the unique ‘purchase now’ Buttons, Convertkit allows you design sales websites. And all your digital items are provided in a few of clicks effortlessly. You require no integration from third parties at all.

Features of email marketing


Individualize your emails to increase open rates and CTR according to the segment of your public. You might deliver content A to beginners, for example, whereas content B could be sent to advanced audiences. This is really praiseworthy.

Sending e-mails to display your branding with Convertkit is also hassle-free. You may also utilise your emails and build templates. You may also send your subscribers timed material. Automate your funnel as a pro, too.

Creator Pro

Convertkit is aimed towards creators of content such as blogs or YouTubers. It contains Creator Pro functionality that helps you send customised emails and enjoys the delivery report.

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And you don’t even need to build ad segments on Facebook for particular individuals using your advertising. Convert your Facebook audience into different parts. You may also replace the incorrect link in your e-mail with this tool. Isn’t it terrific?

Let’s now discuss Convertkit price.

Pricing of Convertkit

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Pricing conversion kit includes “Free,” “Creator,” and “Creator Pro.” You can start without paying anything if you have up to 1000 subscribers. The Convertkit’s Creator’s plan is available for up to 1000 members for $29 per month.

And the Creator Pro begins for up to 1000 members at $ 59 per month. So the price depends on how many people you have. The price will depend. But infinite landing pages and transmissions and forms can then be created.

Sales of digital items, subscriptions, and email services are all planned.

Side by Side Comparison: Constant Contact VS Convertkit

It’s up to it again. Constant contact without a doubt wins when you look at the price. It also has much more than Convertkit functionalities. Unlike Convertkit, Constant Contact provides you with surveys of customers and image libraries. Convertkit also offers beautiful email templates for authors of content.

In addition, unlike Convertkit, which works exclusively as an online application, you may use constant contact on Android and iOS. Then you could ask why I selected Convertkit. Honestly, with a simple design, it’s quite intuitive.

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Summary: Convertkit Vs Constant Contact

For a complete internet marketing stop, go to Constant Contact. There is no question that it provides a far better function than Convertkit. And for newcomers with a little over 1000 subscribers, the price of Convertkit may be a bit too costly.

What option for email marketing do you want to use and why? I am all ears, tell me! Tell me! And look at this post if your email marketing system is created:

Do you have any questions? In the comments below, let me know.